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Ben Thomas Consulting can provide you with soil, plant, water and grapevine bud fruitfulness analyses and interpretation. We also offer nematode, pathology and insect diagnostic analyses.

We provide all materials and information required for clients to collected samples, organise laboratory analyses and handle results. All results are entered into a database enabling access to historical data at any time.

Comprehensive Integrated Advice

We believe the best and most useful advice is generated by considering all information including historical data when interpreting analytical results. By incorporation all available information, you can be sure you are getting the most comprehensive advice possible. Analyses available:
  • Plant analysis (e.g. leaf, petiole). Plant analysis provides invaluable information on the current nutritional status of your plants and allows assessment of your current fertiliser program. It is also a valuable tool when assessing underperforming plants. In this situation, separate samples are collected from affected and unaffected areas to allow comparisons to be made.
  • Soil analysis. Soil analyses are used to provide information on soil conditions in which a plant is grown including soil pH, nutrient reserves, possible toxicities, salinity, and sodicity. Soil analyses provide an indication of the amount of nutrient which a crop will be able to extract from the soil during its growing season.
  • Water analysis. The quality of irrigation water used by growers is often overlooked. Salinity, alkalinity, sodicity and nutrient content can vary widely and affect plant performance.
  • Grapevine bud fruitfulness assessments. Best used as a monitoring tool, grapevine bud fruitfulness analysis data accumulated over several seasons enables growers to determine the 'normal' bud fruitfulness for a block and how this relates to final bunch numbers and yield. Growers can then use bud fruitfulness analyses to determine whether pruning strategies need to be adjusted. Grapevine bud fruitfulness is also a useful problem solving tool. If yields have been lower than expected and bud fruitfulness assessments confirm satisfactory fruitfulness, growers can then consider other factors that may be limiting yield.
  • Nematode, pathology and insect diagnostic analyses. We can arrange for diagnostic analysis of soil and plant material for nematodes, pathology and insects.
For more information about the analytical services provided by Ben Thomas Consulting, please contact Ben (0417 143 797) or Nicole (0420 933 837).

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